Kenya-Missions-Discipleship-2nd Chance Ministry

When the Lord led us to start 2nd Chance Discipleship Ministries it was for the express purpose of assisting people, churches and parachurch organizations to be disciples of Jesus Christ and learn how to make Christ like disciples. We wanted to help fulfill Christ’s great commission world-wide. This leading of God has been fulfilled. We have had two different countries contact us and have started working in Kenya as of October 2017. We are now literally going to all Nations!

We are working closely with Pastor Joshua Kibayu of Kenya to do several things. First Joshua is lead pastor of three churches serving people in the Kisii Region and the Masai people. His desire is to make Christlike disciples in all of Kenya, Africa and the uttermost parts of the earth.  He is a wonderful and powerful man of God. I love him, his family, his church family and the 33 orphans who live with him. There are pictures here of Joshua and his wife and children and orphans. Also featured with the orphans are myself- Dirk Scott and Judy Korby.

We sent people from our denomination to make sure Pastor Joshua and his people were like minded and on the same page. We were overjoyed to find that we are of the same mind and spirit.

Pastor Joshua, his wife Rosalie, their Orphanage, churches and Pastors invited us to come and minister. They welcomed us with open arms and hearts. They fed us, housed us with generosity. While there we preached the Gospel, we held discipleship training classes, we provided medical clinics. This mission journey was October 8th -17th, 2017.

The result was that Kenya, Pastor Joshua, Rosalie, the children, the churches and their people totally captured our hearts. 33 individuals accepted Christ and committed to be Christlike disciples. 4 people surrendered to be full time missionaries. We will never be the same, we cannot wait to go back.

There are many needs. Judy, our Registered Nurse and Clinic Supervisor, and I spoke about the level of poverty in Kenya. My previous mission field was the Amazon Jungle in Peru and Mexico, Judy and her husband Mike have been all over Honduras and Guatemala. We both agreed we have not experienced the level of poverty and need we witnessed in Kenya. 

During the daily clinics we served over 250 people. When we asked the question, “When did you eat last?” The answer was almost always, “yesterday morning”. A few had not eaten in 2 days. Additionally, many had never seen a doctor or had medical care. We saw lots of high blood pressure, parasites (worms), diabetes, colds and flu, ulcers, to name but a few. We brought and bought medicines to help them all.

If God is touching your heart to do something let me share with you our needs in order of priority. Our number one priority is for you to please pray for us and this mission field, to reach the lost, set captives free, and make disciples. Pray God will fulfill the need of food and medicine. Our second priority is more missionaries. Please pray if God is calling you go into the mission field? Our third priority is financial support. Please pray if God is asking you to offer financial support? Please note these are in order of importance to us. It may seem odd that money is our lowest priority. It is not that we do not need money, but prayer is primary, and you going is next of importance. If you feel led to go fill out the Contact form on this website. If you want to give, click the donate button below. All monies donated are tax deductible. May God Bless you as we partner together to reach the world for Christ.